About Laura and Cathedral Knits

Laura Barker with entrelac pattern

Laura is a life-long knitter and former engineer and math teacher.  She enjoys combining the best of her experience in her favorite career, knitting design and education. Her designs feature innovative construction with clear instruction. She is the author of Mitered Entrelac, Knitting Entrelac Around the Corner, and has published patterns in Knitter’s Magazine, Knitty, Knit Edge Magazine, and on Ravelry. Her work may be found on Ravelry, Instagram, and FB as Cathedral Knits. Laura has taught for Stitches Events and at LYSs and yarn events in DC, MD, NC, WV, and GA.

Why Cathedral Knits? To Laura, cathedrals represent exquisite craftsmanship, innovative construction, and the willingness to attempt something timeless and challenging. Many people only see the beauty of cathedrals, and that can make them equally happy. Cathedral Knits offers finely crafted patterns for elegant hand knitting, with the goal of pushing the boundaries of what can currently be knit, and then making patterns as accessible as possible. Laura hopes that you will get as much joy from creating something beautiful as she did from creating the pattern.

Cathedral Knits may be found on Ravelry, Instagram, and Facebook.