Cathedral Knits Patterns

Dunadh Cowl

Dunadh describes a Gaelic poem that ends as it begins. The Dunadh Cowl merges its beginning and end with cables staggered across the moebius cast on and an elegant cabled bind off with no visible beginning or end.
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Storm Clouds Moebius

Storm Clouds Moebius; Knit Edge magazine issue five Perfect for a late fall day with wind in the forecast, this moebius cowl can be worn up when the wind is blowing, providing extra warmth and keeping your hair out of your eyes. When the wind pushes the clouds away and the sun comes out, push it down around your neck for just a little extra warmth and style.
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Zig Zag Striped Moebius

You can use a wide variety of yarns with this versatile pattern. Just choose your yarn and desired circumference and use the included table to see how many stitches/repeats you need to cast on! Yarns with a very long repeat are striking in this design because you can see how it starts with one color in the middle and then the colors build out in both directions at the same time.
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Double Knit Swedish Hat

Ravelry Standard double knitting creates an extra warm garment with two layers of fabric with the colors reversed. The motifs for this hat are taken from Swedish Sweaters: New Designs from Historical Examples, by Britt-Marie Christofferson.
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