Short Tier Entrelac Class

The new work being done with yarn pooling fascinates me, and I started thinking about how knitters pooled yarn before it was called pooling and became a science. Sock yarn, short row scarves, and entrelac all came to mind. I started playing with the concept of entrelac short rows, or should that be short tiers? Two wrongs may not make a right, but two diagonals do become straight. The result; “Upstairs and Down” published in Knitter’s Magazine 115, Summer 2014; is a reversible scarf of ribbed entrelac rectangles, no triangles, in a mostly rectangular shape. The woven nature of entrelac is highlighted by this orientation, but the colors form stairs in the pattern, emphasized at the ends of the scarf. The ribbed rectangles also form a crenulated edge that looks like a lattice pie crust.

Zipping Entrelac Class, a No-sew Way to Join Entrelac

An entrelac zipper is worked over two tiers of entrelac, alternating blocks from each tier. This new technique was first published in Éclair in Knitter’s 125, winter 2016. Class will teach the zipping technique by joining two swatches, and will include ‘Zippy’ a new scarf pattern. Students will also learn my ‘double half stitch pickup’ method for a tiny and gap-free transition between blocks.

Mitered Entrelac Square Class

Work a coaster or begin a dishcloth to learn all the skills needed to work full rounds of mitered entrelac and be ready to knit the patterns in Laura’s book. Class will cover the center setup round, all the rectangles needed for clockwise and counterclockwise rounds, a new method of picking up stitches for tight […]

Toe-up socks with German Short Row Heels

Learn to cast-on toe up socks and use the toe as a gauge to make custom fit socks. Work heels with gussets and German short rows for a smooth fit, wotk the leg, and finish with a stretchy bind-off.

Young Knitters Class

Introduce the basics of knitting and use them to create a kid-friendly project; a bean bag, purse, headband, or straps to embellish flip flops.

The Simple Collection Classes

Use the patterns from “The Simple Collection” by Tin Can Knits to progress from a scarf, to a hat, to mittens, and finally a sweater.

Sew an Heirloom T-Shirt Quilt Class

Do you have a T-shirt drawer crammed with special shirts, but never time to wear them all? Choose 12 T-shirts from schools, family reunions, travel, or whatever you want to create a one-of-a-kind, cuddly memento. This quilt will not stabilize the T-shirts, but instead use knit fabrics to compliment your T-shirts for a quilt that is as relaxed as your favorite old sweater. Class will cover cutting the shirts and complimentary fabrics, and begin sewing (by hand or machine) the quilt pieces, as well as instructions on how to finish the quilt.