Petite Pinwheel Class

PinwheelKnitting Pattern by Laura BarkerPetite Pinwheel class is being offered at Unwind Getaway

Pinwheel is a rectangular shawl that begins in the center with a provisional cast-on that appeared in Knitty, Spring 2015. Modifying Barbara Walker’s Vortex creates a stitch pattern that looks the same every time it rotates 90 degrees, making the provisional cast-on a seamless part of the design, and giving the illusion of being worked in one direction while actually rotating 360 degrees. The pattern up close resembles lace bowties, but viewed from farther away, the solid areas become pinwheels. Thinking about how pinwheels spin and still look the same, it was the perfect name. A sideways knit-on border that mimics the alternating lace and solid triangles completes the shawl. This class uses a miniature version to cover the provisional cord cast-on (PCCO), cord management, and special increases to create the corner increases.