Short Tier Entrelac Class

10334371_525835570871649_4707376460735577971_nThe new work being done with yarn pooling fascinates me, and I started thinking about how knitters pooled yarn before it was called pooling and became a science. Sock yarn, short row scarves, and entrelac all came to mind. I started playing with the concept of entrelac short rows, or should that be short tiers? Two wrongs may not make a right, but two diagonals do become straight. The result; “Upstairs and Down” published in Knitter’s Magazine 115, Summer 2014; is a reversible scarf of ribbed entrelac rectangles, no triangles, in a mostly rectangular shape. The woven nature of entrelac is highlighted by this orientation, but the colors form stairs in the pattern, emphasized at the ends of the scarf. The ribbed rectangles also form a crenulated edge that looks like a lattice pie crust.